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Sicilian tan comments


Racism in Kenya a party factor

Written by

Onyango Kora

John Stauffer in Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

When Lincoln saw Fredrick Douglass at his second inauguration (after two policemen tried to prevent Douglass from entering), Lincoln took him by the hand and said, “Here comes my friend,” adding that, “There is no man in the country whose opinion I value more.”

That was not the case this past Saturday 7th at the plush Gigiri suburb. I was invited to a party by an Italian acquaintance (….) On reaching the spot, it was not hard to notice in the thick six figure salary darkness. That there were almost 200 diplomat car plates. Reflective neons, dimly lit through the fresh Gigiri air .Subtle faded noise from the bungalow. The noise of the party, people having fun! (more…)

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Fine ass mini star !

Minister Of Finance

Minister Of Finance

Written by

Onyango Kora

Pedigree: Son to Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta.
Date of birth:  October 26 1961

Debut as a rookie :Nominated to parliament in 2001 thereafter appointed as Minister for local government by his highness Daniel Arap Moi .
Forte: Now  serving as the KANU chairman.

Yes he can: Vied for the throne in 2002, where he faced a thrashing defeat from Kenya’s current president  & MP for Othaya  Mwai Kibaki aka The Economist.
Role model: He took over Ababu Namwamba’s aspirations and became Official opposition leader. (more…)

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Yes we CAN’T!

koyier1Written by
Jared K’Oyier
The inauguration of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America, to me as a Kenyan evokes lots of  varied emotions. It makes me sad and happy both at the same time, glad that deep in a Kenyan village, we can trace the roots of the most powerful man in the world. This son of a Luo father has raised the hope of millions all over the world. On the other
hand, sad, because, everyday in every corner of this country another son is born, probably ten times better than Obama, but he might never be what Obama is. It makes me poignant that thesocio-political environment in this country will consume him, destroy his soul and craft a monster out of him. He will grow to be the enemy, of his own people. (more…)

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Black man cursed….

opuk-rakotiWritten by Opuk Rakoti
The first time I saw Barrack Obama up close, was when he visited Kenya. I was among the battery of journalists waiting for him to arrive at the Nairobi Serena.When he arrived accompanied by the legion of American security and air force personnel, I managed to chat up an American journalist. I posed him the question; what’s all the hoo-ha about this guy? And the American journalist, a white man, told me in his American drawl, this guy is really smart and watch him he will become the president one day.
That comment by that white American journalist was both an eye opener but also a tear jerker. I marvelled at how despite our rank condemnation of the white man as racist, they never fail to see opportunity. It hit me that for many Americans Barrack Obama isn’t just an individual but a resource that must be exploited for all its worth. (more…)

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Obama a Tribalist ?

barack-2Written by,
Onyango Kora
On most occasions I have been subjected to criticism by self proclaimed upholders of neutrality in various aspects of life. More often than not, harsh verbal lashes have been targeted towards me, to the confines of not commenting on significant social issues, both locally and globally. (more…)

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Tired of the WHINING Kenyan Media?



Written by

Jared K’oyier

Little is wrong with the Media bill, but there is definitely something bigger, that is wrong with the Kenyan Media. We can blame Kibaki all we want, but the truth remains, the media and the Politicians played and equal role in the so called clashes n death during the past election. The media published unchecked stories,they were biased in their reporting prior to the elections. They relayed to the public irresponsible statements by the political class.
There is a great danger in letting the two groups go uncontrolled, let the politicians watch the media and let the media watch the politicians. (more…)

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I can post & TAG

GPO GraffitiThis is creative piece by “iCan” at the Bus stop on Kenyatta Avenue on the wall of the General Post Office (GPO) .This is a stateBuilding..it shows me how crazy ‘i can’ is…My advice for all the Graffiti artists in Nairobi is,try as much as you can to avoidtagging state properties, this could land you into doing hard time . I understand you might have all the passion but hey…the adrenalin is not worth a swollen lung from the cold cell floors of ‘Inda’ Industrial Area Police station…

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